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Getting Ready for Your First Driving Lesson? All You Need to Know

Many people tend to get nervous when preparing for their first driving lesson. When this happens, a lot of mistakes can happen that may affect your first day at driving school. However, if you know what to expect or do, you will get yourself ready early enough for the day. Basically, only a few crucial things are required of you when getting ready for driving school. Read on to find out more about this.

Your Provisional Licence Is Important

The driving instructor won't let you get behind the wheel if you don't have your provisional licence. Therefore, remember to apply for your provisional licence early enough before the start of your driving lessons. Applying for a provisional licence is fairly easy because you can do it online.

You Should Pick Your Lesson Time Carefully

Good timing is important when it comes to taking your driving lesson the first time. Driving schools will schedule their lessons at different times of the day. It is important to understand your body clock so that you pick a time you will be more receptive as well as responsive to learning. Morning hours tend to be ideal for most people. Taking your first driving lesson at a time you're most comfortable can also lessen your nervousness.

The Kind of Shoes You Pick Matters

Footwear is very important for your first driving lesson and for all the subsequent lessons you will have. It is essential to mind what you wear on your feet because you need to feel the amount of pressure you are applying on the accelerator, brake, and clutch pedals. This simply means shoes with thick soles are a bad idea. Avoid flip flops and sandals because they can slide off when working your feet on the pedals. High heels are also a wrong choice. This is because working the pedals is much easier with your heel on the floor of the car, and this will simply be impossible when you're wearing heels.

Be Extra Careful If You Are On Medication

You may not know the kind of impact your medication may have on you on your first day at driving school. For instance, if you are on anti-depressants, you may feel drowsy at some point. You don't want this to happen on your first driving lesson. Therefore, find out from your doctor or pharmacist whether your medication will have any side effect on you.