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Could a Folding Caravan Be Perfect For You?

Caravans have managed to maintain their popularity over the years, even since the age of hostels and budget airlines has made worldwide travel more affordable than ever before. Part of the attraction is the convenience and freedom of having your own portable miniature home that you can take anywhere you please, but it's also down to the classic charm of caravanning.

If you've decided to get your first caravan, you might be surprised by all the different options available. In particular, they can vary quite drastically in size and, while you might like the internal space offered by one of the larger models, the idea of towing a huge trailer behind your vehicle might put you off. If that sounds like you, you may find a folding caravan the perfect option for you. Here's what you need to know about this unique style.

The positives

You'll save fuel

Driving with the caravan folded means there's much less wind resistance, which significantly cuts down fuel consumption as you tow. It might not sound as though it would make a great deal of difference, but you'd be surprised at the savings you can make. In addition to the reduced drag, folding caravans typically have a lightweight construction, too, which will also help save fuel.

It's easier to drive

That reduced drag not only means less fuel is burned; it will also make the load feel more stable when you're towing the caravan. And a low centre of gravity means far less risk of tipping.

It can store more easily

If you're concerned about finding somewhere to keep a caravan, a folding model is definitely a wise choice for you. Instead of taking up space on the driveway or the street, the reduced height means this type of caravan can fit inside many garages.

The negatives

It takes time to set up

When you arrive at your site, you'll have to spend time unfolding and setting up the caravan before you can relax. That said, it doesn't take too much time, and you'll get quicker with experience.

It can be difficult to get used to

If you're an experienced caravan owner, the switch to a folding model can be a challenge, as it takes time to adjust. However, if you're new to caravans, it will probably be easy for you to get used to setting up and putting away.

It can get cold

The folding mechanism means the walls are thinner and there can be small gaps where hinges are. This means it can get cold in the evenings, and sometimes damp if it's been raining. A portable heater can help with this.