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The Importance Of Truck Wheel Alignment

When it comes to truck repair and keeping a truck road worthy, truck wheel alignment is one of the most important maintenance tasks. Wheel alignment helps to ensure wheels are parallel to one another and that they are perpendicular to the road. If wheels are not aligned properly this could mean that the truck will be harder to drive in a straight line and this could pose a hazard for both the truck driver and others on the road. 

Why Is Truck Wheel Alignment So Important?

Truck wheel alignment is an important consideration for a number of reasons. These include:

  • When alignment is faulty it can cause uneven pressure in the tyres. This can lead to increased friction on the road and subsequent higher consumption of fuel. 
  • Faulty truck wheel alignment can cause unnecessary and uneven wear of the tyres leading to more frequent tyre replacement. 
  • For companies looking to improve their green credentials, good truck wheel alignment will help them to consume less fuel. 
  • Faulty alignment can put more pressure on the truck driver as he or she will need to struggle to control the vehicle as it pulls to one side. 
  • Improper wheel alignment can make it riskier to drive during wet or icy conditions. 
  • Improper truck wheel alignment can put extra pressure on other systems within the truck, including suspension, brakes, steering and wheel axles. 

When Should Truck Wheel Alignment Be Carried Out?

To ensure that your truck is driving safely and able to handle a number of driving conditions, wheel alignment should be carried out as follows:

  • When the driver notices that it becomes harder to keep the truck from steering to one side. 
  • When the tyres on one side are wearing faster than the tyres on the other side. 
  • Whenever new tyres are fitted. 
  • When the vehicle has been involved in a colision. 

Where To Get Truck Wheel Alignment Done

Truck wheel alignment should only ever be completed by trained and experienced professionals. It is quite an involved and complex process that requires the right equipment and also experience in working with different types of vehicles. All wheels also need to be aligned in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's instructions and some fine tuning may also be required to complete the job. For fleet managers and truck operators truck wheel alignment should be carried out to the highest standard and when any of the fol