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What Are the Symptoms of Bad Truck Wheel Alignment?

Done correctly, truck wheel alignments will keep your truck going straight while helping you maintain control of the vehicle at all times. Besides being crucial to the safe operation of your truck, correctly aligned wheels can ensure a smooth driving experience, improve fuel economy, and increase tyre life.

While your auto mechanic will often check your wheels to determine if alignment needs to be done during regular truck servicing, you should keep a lookout for the signs of improper wheel alignment at all times. This way, you can get your wheel aligned corrected before it's too late.

So, what truck wheel alignment trouble signs should you watch out for? Read along to find out.

A crooked steering wheel

One of the best ways to check your truck wheel alignment is to observe how your steering wheel responds while driving on a straight road. If the steering wheel goes back to the centre position after it has been turned, this is an indication that your wheels are correctly aligned. If it is off centre, this means it has been thrown out of alignment and needs to be realigned.

A tendency of the truck to wander

When your truck's wheels are correctly aligned, they should keep the vehicle going straight unless the steering wheel is turned. If your truck tends to move to the left or right side of the road while driving on a straight road, it is likely that you have a wheel alignment problem.

Uneven tyre wear

Properly aligned wheels help extend the life of your truck tyres by ensuring optimum contact between the tyres and the surface that the vehicle is travelling on. Incorrectly aligned wheels can lead to uneven tyre wear. If you notice that your tyres are wearing down fast, especially along the edges, you should get your wheel alignment checked right away.

Steering wheel vibration

The steering wheel makes it easy to drive your truck with minimal effort by transmitting the movement of the steering wheel down to the wheels during vehicle operation.

If you experience a shaking steering wheel, wheel misalignment is one of the most probable culprits behind the problem. Getting your wheel alignment checked is a good way to start the diagnosis and repair process.

If you observe any of the above-highlighted signs of a bad wheel alignment, you should get your truck wheel alignment checked right away. The tyre specialists at an auto mechanic shop near you can help.