Adjusting to Life As a Long-Haul Trucker

Heavy haulage demands extra training and skill because it involves driving large vehicles loaded with heavy or oversized cargo under rather challenging conditions. If you are interested in taking up a career as a long-haul truck driver, you should know that getting your heavy haulage licence is just the first step towards becoming an experienced heavy haulage trucker. Everything else has to be learned on the job. While it is impossible to anticipate everything that will happen on the job, the following tips can help you make a smooth integration into the job and make the most out of life on the road.

The Obligations of a Driving Instructor

A driving instructor is a professional hired by a driving school to offer learners the essential practice required to improve their driving skills. Such instructors are bound by several rules and duties intended to ensure that they deliver professional services according to the Australian Automobile Association.  Some of the required characteristics of driving instructors are analysed below. Work with Integrity An accredited driving instructor is expected to behave with utmost sincerity. This involves working in a fair and honest manner to promote transparency.

Custom Features to Look for When Buying an Intercooler

When it comes to engine performance, the guiding rule is to produce more power, but this comes along with heat that is generated in the process. Performance gains can be easily negated if the heat generated is not controlled as expected. Intercoolers are designed specifically for this purpose so that your engine can produce the maximum possible power without the threat of overheating. Most car owners don't know which intercooler they should buy.

The Importance Of Truck Wheel Alignment

When it comes to truck repair and keeping a truck road worthy, truck wheel alignment is one of the most important maintenance tasks. Wheel alignment helps to ensure wheels are parallel to one another and that they are perpendicular to the road. If wheels are not aligned properly this could mean that the truck will be harder to drive in a straight line and this could pose a hazard for both the truck driver and others on the road.

How Serious is Your Windshield Damage?

Windshield damage can, unfortunately, happen at any time, as bits of grit and debris can fly up at high speed and hit the glass without warning. This can lead to obvious disaster, as the glass can shatter if it's hit by a large enough object with enough force. But even if you only suffer minor damage, although it might not look like much, it could actually be quite risky to carry on driving, since it can often get worse quite quickly.

5 Signs That You Used a Wrong Fuel Pump

Some vehicle owners may buy non-OEM parts when they want to save some money during vehicle repairs. However, some of those aftermarket parts may create problems in your vehicle. This article discusses some of the problems that you may experience if you used a wrong aftermarket fuel pump in your diesel engine. Loss of Power Your diesel vehicle may not perform as expected when the wrong aftermarket fuel pump was installed.

Could a Folding Caravan Be Perfect For You?

Caravans have managed to maintain their popularity over the years, even since the age of hostels and budget airlines has made worldwide travel more affordable than ever before. Part of the attraction is the convenience and freedom of having your own portable miniature home that you can take anywhere you please, but it's also down to the classic charm of caravanning. If you've decided to get your first caravan, you might be surprised by all the different options available.

When Is It Time to Junk a Car Versus Fixing It?

Having an older car that needs repairs doesn't necessarily mean you should give up on it, as you can often find affordable replacement parts at a salvage yard and rent needed tools to make a lot of fixes on your own. However, there are times when it may be good to just get rid of the car, and even consider having it picked up by a salvage yard rather than trying to resell it.

Getting Ready for Your First Driving Lesson? All You Need to Know

Many people tend to get nervous when preparing for their first driving lesson. When this happens, a lot of mistakes can happen that may affect your first day at driving school. However, if you know what to expect or do, you will get yourself ready early enough for the day. Basically, only a few crucial things are required of you when getting ready for driving school. Read on to find out more about this.

Simple But Important Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle's Tyres

Your vehicle's tyres are just as important as any other part of your car or truck; after all, the tyres are the only part of the vehicle that come into contact with the road, so it's vital that they always be in good repair, both for your own safety and for smooth handling of the vehicle. While tyres will eventually suffer some damage and need fixing or replacing, note a few tips for maintaining them properly so you can extend their lifespan as long as possible and avoid any unnecessary damage.