What Are the Symptoms of Bad Truck Wheel Alignment?

Done correctly, truck wheel alignments will keep your truck going straight while helping you maintain control of the vehicle at all times. Besides being crucial to the safe operation of your truck, correctly aligned wheels can ensure a smooth driving experience, improve fuel economy, and increase tyre life. While your auto mechanic will often check your wheels to determine if alignment needs to be done during regular truck servicing, you should keep a lookout for the signs of improper wheel alignment at all times.

Understanding What's Included In A Car Service

A car service is not the same as a car safety check. During a service, your mechanic will carry out a range of visual and manual checks. They will focus on making sure that various components of your car are in good working order and that certain components, such as oil filters, will be replaced as part of a service to keep your car running well. A regular service can improve fuel economy, and your mechanic can spot signs of wear before they develop into a costly problem or you find yourself stranded by the roadside one day.