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The Obligations of a Driving Instructor

A driving instructor is a professional hired by a driving school to offer learners the essential practice required to improve their driving skills. Such instructors are bound by several rules and duties intended to ensure that they deliver professional services according to the Australian Automobile Association.  Some of the required characteristics of driving instructors are analysed below.

Work with Integrity

An accredited driving instructor is expected to behave with utmost sincerity. This involves working in a fair and honest manner to promote transparency. The instructor should also be courteous and avoid any unacceptable behaviours while in class. They are mandated to provide credible information to both the learner and the driving school from where they serve. The provision of any misleading information is considered a breach of the code of conduct and such an instructor should be reported by the driving school or student. During an inspection by the Australian Automobile Association representative, a driving instructor should cooperate willingly to allow for a proper assessment. This will gauge whether they comply with the required necessary code of conduct. 

Exceed the Minimum Teaching Standards

With the possession of a certificate IV in driving instruction, an accredited instructor should ensure that he provides both emotionally and physically safe learning environments for the students. One should also use the required nationwide teaching process to provide clarity to the learners. A driving instructor is also expected to have an accurate and complete training and assessment record of all the students to monitor individual progress. As a driving instructor, you should also provide both appropriate and purposeful learning experiences to deliver both professionalism and quality.

Provide the Students with a Safe Car for Learning

During practical lessons, learners require a safe and suitable vehicle for training. An accredited driving instructor has to ensure that he provides a car with a minimum of four-star ratings according to the ANCAP rating system. The vehicle should also be clean, neat and tidy without any loose components to provide a conducive learning environment for the students. The training car should also be well maintained according to the service requirements of the manufacturer before being used for practical exercises. It should also be subjected to daily checks to guarantee that components such as lights, the windshield, oil, fuel and the driving mirrors are in a sound condition. The car should also be fitted with working dual controls to give the instructor partial control of the vehicle in case of any emergencies