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Understanding What's Included In A Car Service

A car service is not the same as a car safety check. During a service, your mechanic will carry out a range of visual and manual checks. They will focus on making sure that various components of your car are in good working order and that certain components, such as oil filters, will be replaced as part of a service to keep your car running well. A regular service can improve fuel economy, and your mechanic can spot signs of wear before they develop into a costly problem or you find yourself stranded by the roadside one day. Your car's manual will have recommendations for how often your car should be serviced, but in general, you may want to have an interim service carried out biannually and a full service carried out annually. Read on to learn about what's included in an interim service and a full service.

An Interim Service

An interim service is like a mini service that covers key components of your car that should always be in good working order. For this type of service, your mechanic will check your lights, fluid levels, brakes and steering. Your tyres will also be checked to make sure they are appropriately balanced and in good condition, with no excessive tread wear, cuts or cracks. Your mechanic will also carry out a full oil change and replace the oil filter, which can improve driving performance.

A Full Service

A full service includes all of the checks and work carried out as part of an interim service, and it also includes several other checks. Your hoses and air filters will be inspected, your battery will be tested and your spark plugs will be replaced. Your radiator, cooling fan, alternator and fuel lines will all be inspected, and if you have a diesel car, your fuel filter will be replaced. Your wheels will also be rotated as part of a full service, which promotes even wear on your tyres and can extend the life of your tyres.

Both types of service take no more than half a day to complete, so you should be able to drop your car off at a garage on your way to work and pick it up at lunchtime. In addition to ensuring your car is in good condition and performing optimally, having your car serviced regularly can improve fuel economy and extend your car's lifespan. Additionally, when it comes to selling your car, it will be more attractive to potential buyers if they are able to see your service record, which shows you've taken good care of the car.

If your car is due for a car service, contact your local garage.