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How to Become Serious About Off-Road Driving

Do you like to scoff at those weekend warriors who brag about their "crazy trips" into the Outback? You may suspect that they stick to well groomed trails or only head to tourist spots and don't really know the meaning of the word adventure. You have bigger aspirations, however and have recently purchased a 4x4 vehicle that is known for its off-road ability, so you can really explore what rural Australia has to offer.

Before you go too far off the beaten path you should consider upgrading some of the components on your vehicle, so you are ready for anything. What do you need to do?

Get Ready for Action

Your 4x4 will certainly be ready to tackle some loose surface roads without any extra attention to detail, but you will want to consider some additions before you become too bold. To begin with, you should think about adding underbody protection to look after the mechanical components and to help you free yourself if you happen to encounter some very rocky going.

Add on Protection

While a vehicle like this is already elevated to a certain extent, some other components beneath are still quite vulnerable. In particular, the differentials need to be protected and they will normally be covered by some plates fitted at the factory to deflect the odd rock here or there. You should consider adding heavy-duty plates instead, so that you get full protection in this area and don't risk any of those expensive parts.

Install Rock Sliders

You can also fit rock sliders around the edge of the vehicle, next to the sill. These will provide you with a great deal of protection when you are crawling your way over a particularly rocky surface. They will help to protect the bodywork all round and help you to "slide" away from any rocks without tearing up the undercarriage. Furthermore, they can double as a footplate to help you or your passengers get in and out.

Get a Lift Kit

If you really want to get serious here, then you should consider introducing a lift kit to give you much more clearance. You will be able to navigate any dips or shallow creek beds with ease and can give even more clearance to those crucial underbody components.

Take Action

So, if you want to claim full bragging rights and establish your reputation as an adventurer, make sure that you kit your vehicle out with the correct parts first. Contact local Jeep auto parts services to learn more.